Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tax Free Hauls

Rings from JC Penny - $8 each
Necklace from JC Penny - $5.99
Necklace from JC Penny - $5.99
Bracelet from JCPenny - $8.28
Bracelet from JCPenny - $7.99
Nine West Eden's - $20
Earrings from Claire's - Buy two get one free $12.50
Nine West Flats - $20
Nine West Flats - $20
Gap Dress - $16.99
Maurice's Ruffle Top - $29.99
Walmart Dress - $9.00
Maurice's Crop Pants - $10

The Maurice's top and pants, some of the JC Penny jewelry, and the Walmart dress I bought in South Dakota while visiting my grandma. And the rest I bought at home over tax free weekend. I'm really happy with it all and I was SO excited about my new shoes! I went into Nine West just to waste time not expecting to find or buy anything but I ended up finding so many great pairs of flats on sale for only $29.99 and then if you buy more than 2 pairs of shoes you get 20% so for all three shoes I only paid $80! Hopefully this and my Neiman Marcus hauls with suffice for my back to school shopping!


lisa said...

That first necklace looks a lot like an amber oval pendant I bought in Chinatown. It's very versatile and classic; I've certainly gotten a lot of wear out of mine! Great deal on the Nine West flats too. I'm a bit wary of the Claire's earrings, though. I've bought so many over the years and the metal plating chips and tarnishes after a year. Nowadays I'd rather spend a bit extra and get sterling silver earrings that last longer.

fashion herald said...

nice haul! we're getting a JCPenney in 34th Street, so I'm very curious as it's been years since i've been in one. Thanks for the accessory shots.

Always In Style said...

Those are some serious deals at Nine West!

Lindsay said...

wow what a haul! lots of great deals!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-these are lovely finds, well done!

Wendiva said...

oh my goodness...JC penny does NOT carry these rings, they look adorable!!!!!

LCL said...

the first JC Penny necklace is really nifty
sort of art deco?
love everything else!

My Fashion Frenzy said...

great finds! i love the necklace from jcpenny.

lacouturiernyc said...

omgsh i love that ring you're modeling in the picture!!

La Clocharde said...

I'm in love with that ruffled white top.


(Nice blog btw)

deep_in_vogue said...

lovely finds!

Emma said...

those are really good finds, especially from JC penney. i didn't realize they had such a great selection!
great blogg by the way :)
emma (young and in style)